Barbecue Food Choose Attentions

- Oct 31, 2017-

Pork ribs, waist and buttocks: should be fresh and slightly some fat pork, roast the meat that is not too dry. Chicken: dip it with lemon water and sprinkle some starch, the meat will be more tender.

Beef: beef ribs can be selected, fresh and tough; beef shoulder meat is the most conducive to the cooked meat. A variety of meat dishes can also be self - equipped with fragrant sauce to marinate, or painted on the grill.

Chicken: any part is a good barbecue material. Afraid of trouble, you can also use the barbecue sauce sold in the supermarket.

Seafood: everything is OK, but be sure to choose fresh one. A variety of ingredients cleverly mix together into a string of baked, both convenient and beautiful, barbecue star at the party.

Vegetables, fruits: the root tip, mushrooms, juice less hard texture of fruits and vegetables, such as corn, green pepper, pineapple, banana and so on. For example: onion kebabs, green red pepper series, letinous edodes series bamboo chicken...... Originality is the free soul of barbecue.