Barbecue Grill

- Jun 21, 2017-

Barbecue stove is a kind of barbecue equipment, can be used to do kebab, barbecue and so on. The barbecue stove is divided into 3 kinds, charcoal barbecue stove, gas oven and electric oven, in which the gas oven and electric oven are no lampblack, the product is not polluted and popular. There are many kinds of barbecue stove in the market, such as Apple stove, long Fang, light stove and so on.

BBQ Grill is a kind of equipment for barbecue kebab, vegetables, barbecue and so on, the most common carbon oven. Carbon ovens can be seen in almost every a cities in China. Weekend will barbecue stove to take the car to the wild, while chatting, while drinking, while enjoying the fun of the barbecue, to reduce the peacetime work, but also for the urban life of new bright spot, is a new product to improve people's quality of life.