Barbecue preparation, process and after-work

- Nov 13, 2017-

Site time

Prepare food, spices, stoves, you can barbecue in the field. Not all of the outdoors are suitable for barbecue, and the best places to choose are good scenery and convenient transportation. Some forest and reservoir areas are forbidden to barbecue, need to know in advance. When choosing a site, pay special attention to safety, pay attention to fire prevention, don't have shrubs or too many trees around the barbecue site, and don't have inflammable things around the air outlet. Be careful not to choose more mosquitoes. Do not choose a cave, room and other enclosed places barbecue, to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Generally speaking, spring and autumn are suitable for barbecue season. Windy days and rainy days are not suitable for field barbecue.

Barbecue ovens are usually assembled, generally very simple, look at the instructions, or ask the merchant, it is easy to understand. Before use, it is necessary to clearly understand the function and use of various parts of the furnace. The place of the barbecue stove should be chosen more flat, and the air door should be on the upper air outlet. Charcoal and the ignition of the mechanism carbon are not easy, can pile up carbon pile with combustion improver, carbon itself after burning, then spread out. If conditions permit, it is best to ignite the bonfire, put carbon into the fire, to be completely burned carbon and then removed, placed in the barbecue stove can be. Don't forget to take the engineer shovel if you use the campfire to attract carbon. When laying carbon, it should be paved evenly so as to ensure uniform fire. Do not hurry after combustion of carbon baking, first net roasted until the carbon is red, after complete combustion and start baking. When people don't pay attention to barbecue stand in the air, smoke and flying out of the way, Mars is easy to scald.

Barbecue process, the use of oil is very important, just grilled meat first don't rush to brush oil, until the food baking heat, tightening and then brush oil, other foods can be baked when brushing oil. Do not brush more oil, after brushing the oil does not drip as the standard, the process of baking should try to avoid oil dripping in the barbecue. When baking, be diligent in flipping, prevent baking paste. Flip the best use of long chopsticks, do not use hands to prevent burns. When releasing food, we should pay attention to a little distance from fast cooked food, so as to prevent contamination of cooked food. When the meat skewer is placed, try to put it in the middle of the stove, and change the position of the meat string in the process of baking, so as to ensure the whole meat is cooked at the same time. Chicken wings are very suitable for barbecue food, easy to mature, and the skin fat content, eat very fragrant. When baking, we should pay attention to the big head is not easy to mature, should be placed in the fire concentration. Chicken is not easy to bake, can be cut into small pieces, or baked cooked, the taste is also delicious. It's not easy to cook the corn directly. It can cook as well as the chicken. Best choice of folder when baked fish. If you're using an apple oven, you can enjoy stewing, baking and smoking besides baking. The charcoal is placed around the carbon plate, and the lid can be braised, and the large pieces of food and vegetables are suitable for stewing, but the time should be mastered. Pay attention to food hygiene, do not eat the number of baked food. The cooked food is very hot. Be careful when you eat it. Baked food, especially meat, is harmful to people's health. Don't eat it. When adding carbon, we should pay attention to wait until the newly added carbon is completely burned and then barbecue, because carbon is not complete combustion, easy to produce harmful gas, is not conducive to health. Different barbecue sauce for different foods, sweet for squid, cuttlefish, tomato sauce for potato chips, carrots and butter for many flavors of food list.

After baking the carbon in the furnace if not burned, must be extinguished, for next use, or into the garbage bin. If you can't find a garbage bin, you'd better bury it, don't throw it away. Don't forget to clean the site after barbecue. Keep the environment clean. If you lit a bonfire, bury it, step on it, resume it. Finally, find the right weather, bring what you're prepared for, go ahead!