Barbecue rotisserie motor factory -Barbecue shop management publicity

- Apr 18, 2018-

Barbecue rotisserie motor factory -Barbecue shop management publicity

Summer barbecue shop business is hot, many people also plunge into this line, but in the barbecue store business is not enough to do, Fuqian furnace point charcoal machine is also a member of the catering industry, here a brief introduction to the barbecue shop management publicity.

First of all, we should investigate the environment around the barbecue shop, and make the appearance packaging advertising in the 500 or 1000 meters around the barbecue shop, such as the nearby newspaper stop, one month to the newspaper booth owner 100~200 yuan advertising rent, also can put a stack of barbecue shops in the kiosk. Can be printed on the barbecue shop name, concept, direction and distance of packaging advertisement. In addition, a promotional bulletin board with a length of 3 meters and a width of 2.5 meters is set up outside the barbecue shop, which lists daily dishes and special packages.

If it's a barbecue shop near the office, a large number of leaflets can be sent out. If there are fewer customers, you can add daily dishes to the leaflets and make reservation services. Note: there are a lot of fast food restaurants serving food service. If the barbecue shop is going to operate this model, one is to make sure that the quality and taste of the dishes are numbered in the surrounding peers. The two is to do everything possible to "reduce the price", such as the cancellation of the drinks and fruit, etc., so that the price of the package is equivalent to the price of the common set meal.

Today is the Internet age, if it is a residential area or a barbecue near the school, it can be posted on various campus web forums or community owners' forum, publishing barbecue dishes information and "weekend two people special package", "community family package" and other activities. It can also be publicized by WeChat and QQ social networking software.

The more barbecue shops are open now, the more publicity programs must be taken into consideration, so as to ensure the business of storefront. After understanding the above propaganda plan, the barbecue shop owner can make some adjustments according to the actual situation of his own local, find the suitable plan, so as to be able to make a good publicity and promotion of the shop, so that the customers can make a big money. Fuqian furnace point charcoal machine here wish you a prosperous business.