Barbecue tools choose

- Nov 03, 2017-

BBQ tools according to the different method has many kinds, roasted, grilled, roasted, baked mud burning, bamboo, Teppanyaki, burning stone, stone is the category of barbecue meal. In a film and television play, you can often see a stick baked in a bonfire on a chicken or rabbit, which belongs to an open fire. Some wild book often talked about the roast, actually this baking method is not to be recommended, for the average person to explain the fire barbecue grill should master the furnace, and more easy to produce harmful substances to human health. At the same time, in the field of fire, the harm to the environment is greater, it is not safe, it is recommended not to try open flame barbecue. Comparison of several ways only barbecue charcoal barbecue has the advantages of convenient operation, easy control, minimum damage to the environment, the most abundant types of food can be baked, we propose a barbecue withcharcoal. Charcoal barbecue tools used are: barbecue furnace carbon drill knife fish folder toothpicks etc.. The common market a variety of barbecue stove, apple portable oven and so on. Portable stove to recommend a rectangular, "red" and "Pathfinder" and other brands have this stove. The utility model has the advantages of the grill is height adjustable, easy to control energy, cheap price, 50 yuan. The disadvantage is that it can not be braised and smoked like an apple oven, but the height of the shelf of the apple stove is unacceptable. And the use of other methods of the furnace can be consulting to businesses. Several Outfitters in Zhengzhou city have sales, can ask around. In fact, a network can act as a pot barbecue, just operate too inconvenient. Common carbon market are: flammable carbon, charcoal, mechanism of carbon three. Flammable carbon available in outdoor stores, there are two kinds of square and pie. The surface with a layer of flammable flammable carbon layer, is easier to ignite than ordinary charcoal. The disadvantage is that it is more expensive. Ordinary charcoal advantages are cheap, disadvantages are different, barbecue uneven fire, burning time is short, baking process must be added carbon. The mechanism of carbon is actually a mixture of carbon and coal, pressed into the multi hollow prism, from carbon containing ash on the look out the composition of coal. This carbon uniform size, long burning time, even fire, smoke-free, the price is not expensive.

Many professional grill is the choice of this carbon. The disadvantage is that it is not suitable for ignition. If only two or three people barbecue with this kind of carbon, people are full of carbon has not run out, can not help but feel a little wasted. Qianzai, fish clip and knife is also common barbecue tools, the choice to select for easy cleaning and disinfection. Dishes, chopsticks, toothpicks are necessary, especially toothpicks, very large use, can be fixed cuttlefish and other easy to curl food, but also can replace chopsticks as a tool to take food. Prepare a few dishes can be placed to separate raw and cooked food. Drill knife and net must be cleaned before grilling.