BBQ Fan factory - How delicious the fruit barbecue!

- Mar 17, 2018-

BBQ Fan factory - How delicious the fruit barbecue!

Fruit barbecue is particularly favored by the majority of the urban youth, urban high streets and back lanes everywhere, it is nothing more than two kinds of meat and baked goods. Many barbecues (stalls) are easily eliminated by fierce competition without their own characteristics. Fruit barbecue, barbecue is an innovative product, but also an alternative way to eat fruit. Its novelty and unique taste is a wonderful flower of barbecue industry, and it is another snack food for the beauty loving women who are losing weight.

The characteristics of fruit barbecue:

A beauty, fashion: fresh fruit skewer, cooking method is simple and less oil, especially suitable for dry climate characteristics of spring and autumn seasons, such as dry skin, in vivo Zaohuo exuberant crowd is very suitable for eating, can promote skin water retention time, maintain moist and elastic skin condition. And because of the low heat of the fruit roast string, for the lean women in the beauty of beauty, is another leisure food to meet their needs.

Two, nutrition and health: raw materials of fresh fruit after simple cooking or baking, can be digested, will increase the burden on the stomach, at the same time for old people, children and patients afraid of cold fruit, baked fruit is their best choice. In addition, the fruit with high vitamin C content is not only low in calories, rich in vitamins, but also rich in pectin and fiber, which can promote defecation and reduce cholesterol. For traditional barbecue barbecue, vitamin C can inhibit nitrification, reduce carcinogens, and have a good anti-cancer effect. Barbecue and baked fruits are undoubtedly the best way to eat. People who like to eat barbecue and worry about cancer, fruit barbecue can relieve this worry!

Three, the operation is simple and the benefits are considerable. In the densely populated area of the city and the bar entertainment place, one person can open business, and the good daily income can reach 500 yuan, and the holiday benefit is better. Take a catty of apple for example, now the market price is 1.5 yuan, at least 12-16 strings, roasted 1 yuan per string, net profit of one jin of apple at least 9.5-13 yuan. On the market almost all fruits can be baked, some fruits including litchi, mango, apple, pear, pear, watermelon, pitaya, red snake, green snake, Taiwan jujube, longan, red plum, red, green, orange, peach fruit, afterburner Sunkist etc..

Four, can be used as a new favorite barbecue, barbecue shop new varieties, attract popularity: now a professional store barbecue roast and eat fruits and vegetables have become popular, people also love for barbecue because more of these healthy fruit skewers and no longer worry about the barbecue and the cancer, baked fruit more than raw sweet more nutrition is more easy to digest, it is stylish and delicious!