FD609A Speed Adjustable BBQ Rotisserie Motor Strictly Quality Test

- Aug 04, 2017-

BBQEXPERT FD609A Speed Adjustable Heavy Duty BBQ Rotisserie Motor Strictly Test Electric Variable Speed Barbecue Motor Quality Test

Quality is our life. All our rotisserie bbq motor are strictly tested before mass production for sale. Here is the vedio of testing of our hot selling electric variable speed bbq motor FD609A

Different test way:

1)3V - slow, 6V - medium, 12V - fast

2)without load and with load (15kgs, 22kgs)

3)test time: 15hours

six times test way, each speed with load and without load test

Following vedio test:

(medium speed - 6V, weight: 15kgs, testing time: 15 hours)

Result: eveything is ok