BBQ Universal Rotisserie Kit with Barbecue Motor (FD602A-3)

- Jul 21, 2017-

BBQ Universal Rotisserie Kit with Barbecue Motor (FD602A-3)

Product Description

  • Model NO.: FD602A-3

  • Function: Barbecue Rotisserie

  • Ignition Mode: 1.5v battery

  • Brand: BBQEXPERT

  • Condition: New

  • Kind: BBQ Accessories

  • Member: >5

  • Feature: Easily Cleaned, Easily Assembled, Heat Resistance, Non-Stick, Corrosion Resistance

  • Usage: Outdoor

  • Color: RED

  • Quality: Top Level

  • Use: Universal

BBQ Universal Rotisserie Kit with DC/AC motor 
This Rotisserie Kit is user friendly and high quality which is designed to provide high compatibility for a rotisserie barbecue. This rotisserie kit comes with a solid stainless steel skewer length of 970mm and a set of four pronged forks which makes it easy to hold large cuts of meat for cooking on the rotisserie. Great for cooking large items such as lamb, chicken, pork, etc. It designed to suit Gas BBQ up to 835mm from end to end. With it's 220V- 240V motor which can turn up to 10kg of meat, enabling you to host a number of your family and friends.
This Rotisserie kit comes with:
One Piece Stainless Steel Skewer (does not unscrew like the competition)
1 Stainless Steel Counter Balance weight (for balancing meat)
1 Set of Stainless Steel Four Prong Forks   Motor Mounting Brackets & Bolt Pack
1 Motor - 10kg Capacity of balanced meat