Benefits and Drawbacks of Electric BBQ Grills

- Dec 19, 2017-

Electric oven

Electric oven is mostly domestic oven, and can eat at home, Han style barbecue, Japanese style barbecue, etc., like oven, has gradually become an indispensable electrical appliance in modern urban families.

fuyao electric bbq.jpg

The advantages of the electric oven:

1, suitable for indoor use, weather and local limitations, and outdoor rain and snow can be warm indoor barbecue delicacy.

2, smoke less, electric oven will have basic design holes and oil pan, not pan surface excess oil, not easy to produce smoke.


1. Barbecue can not be roasted in the way of braised roast. It can only be barbecued in a simple way.

2. You can't take it outdoors unless you have enough power.

3. The baked food is short of the taste of a bright fire barbecue, but a piece of wood can be stuffed in some electric ovens to add smoke to the food.