Characteristics and Working Principle of Charcoal Barbecue Grills

- Mar 10, 2018-

Charcoal grill generally appears in the large self-service barbecue shop, Yakiniku restaurant, Korean restaurant, barbecue northeast, star hotel rooms barbecue. The charcoal grill is a kind of furnace which uses the mechanism of non - smokeless charcoal as raw material for barbecue.

The characteristics of charcoal barbecue stove has convenient operation, multiple functions: skewers, fried meat, eat Hot pot, but also can be placed flat desktop to eat Chinese food; food is not greasy, and also useful charcoal barbecue after the taste of the baked food crisp and tender, soft, delicious, single table fan control the use, when not closed, greatly save the cost.

The working principle of Fuqian stove charcoal barbecue stove is to add half ignition and half uncharred charcoal when barbecue. When adding fire, we only need to add raw carbon. According to the experiment, we can save about 60% charcoal. It is convenient, quick, time-saving, labor-saving, low cost, and easy to remove. The installation is simple and easy to use, and the desktop can be moved arbitrarily according to the needs. The device is not easy to damage, the internal air purification system without having to install the exhaust pipe, only need to be installed on the desktop to fire oven is connected with a power supply can be reduced, and the cost of renovation of business facilities, will not stick to the meat in the baking tray so often not for pan, the exhaust pipe in the open, convenient cleaning and maintenance is simple. Charcoal barbecue stove use, also can use air conditioning, air conditioning is the heat convection cooling after the release of this process because of serious pollution, most of the barbecue shop without air conditioning, and charcoal oven model can not only prevent air pollution, but also the effective part of the purification air, so no pollution and air conditioning fan due to their own air. Can purify the air very clean, not jumping oil to the guest clothing does not have the smell of oil, so that guests in a neat, comfortable atmosphere to enjoy the delicacy. The exhaust pipe in the open, convenient cleaning and maintenance is simple. The adjusting knob configuration according to the needs of fire, fire size and roasting process of autonomous regulation, is not easy to Hupan, there is no need to change the disc normal food, and can be self baking all kinds of food. The working principle and operation method of the charcoal barbecue furnace are very simple. With the continuous enrichment of people's life, the love for barbecue products is becoming more and more deep.