Choice of skills, how to get a suitable bbq grill?

- Dec 19, 2017-

Choice of skills, how to choose the right barbecue furnace?

Not only to know the advantages and disadvantages of various types of ovens, characteristics of component material have in mind, do not work not completed at the end of the day, the purchase is not the heart of the oven. So we can measure our needs from the following angles.

(a), patching material

1, iron body

Advantages: economic benefits

Shortcomings: high temperature easily deformed, the service life is not long.

2, stainless steel body

Portable, affordable, has no advantages and disadvantages too much.

3, cast iron body

Advantages: good thermal insulation, thick texture, high grade.

Shortcomings: cumbersome, inconvenient movement

4, cold rolled steel shaft

Advantages: high hardness and longer service life

Disadvantages: high cost and relatively high price

5, Enamel Furnace

Advantages: no sticky bottom, easy to clean

Disadvantages: pay attention to maintenance, cleaning can not use wire brush to wash, usually to avoid scratching and hard material

The material of the roast net

1. Iron plating on iron plating

Economic benefits, relatively short service life

2, stainless steel roast net

Durable and wear-resistant, good gloss.

3, enamel Grill / Teflon grill

Advantages: no sticky bottom, gently clean can be clean as new.

Shortcomings: pay attention to maintenance and avoid scraping

4. Cast iron roast net

Advantages: good insulation performance, fast food cooked and not easily cooked, baked for large pieces of meat rich in trace elements.

Shortcomings: too heavy, not easy to carry, only suitable for the garden oven.

The size of the oven

1. Large courtyard barbecue furnace

The baking net height from the ground about 70-80CM, the height is the most suitable for the general public, the hand is in the most relaxed attitude, do not feel tired, hand bend.

The area is 1500 Grill - more than cm, 5-10 can be for people to enjoy.

2, small outdoor portable barbecue furnace

If it is a braised oven, the size of the oven is around 40CM, sitting on the picnic mat, or just on the folding table.

If it's an ordinary oven, it's best between 70-80cm and the most comfortable barbecue height.