Customized grill motor factory -What should you pay attention to in the autumn to have barbecue?

- Mar 28, 2018-

Customized grill motor factory -What should you pay attention to in the autumn to have barbecue?

What should you pay attention to in the fall? Barbecue has a great impact on our health, so pay more attention to other foods, such as vegetables. Barbecue information network prompts you, in addition to this, to minimize the hazards of barbecue, but also to pay attention to some problems.

"From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, after autumn advocate eating honey refused to eat ginger, said that after autumn health should refuse to dry run pro, but apparently some barbecue" be inopportune or inappropriate. "." After the beginning of autumn, "warm dry climate" easy "injury Tianjin", which could lead to constipation and other "dry disease", many people will have such a feeling: dry mouth and nose, cough less sputum and other symptoms disappeared or became more and more obvious, which is often the autumn sub healthy tendency, have a great relationship with the "dry". Therefore, eat Chinese medicine advocates after autumn Runfei food, do not eat or eat less spicy food recommendations.

However, the grilled food, it is prone to lead to hot "taboo ingredients, such as fresh chili, chili powder, cumin powder, these foods are hot, and in the process of barbecue water evaporated, after the food is very easy to get angry, increase Qiuzao harm to human body.

It needs to be noted that it is dry in the autumn. If you are in the outdoor barbecue, pay attention to the following three points:

One is to choose a safe place for barbecue. If there are no forests or shrubs and grass, there should be no flammable and explosive products around the air inlet to prevent Mars from falling down and cause fires. Do not barbecue in closed places such as caves or rooms to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Two is in the barbecue, to divide the fire area. At the barbecue site, the area of less than 10 square meters should be cleaned up as a special area.

Three, when the barbecue is finished, the fire should be extinguished immediately, and the cleaning and sorting around should be done. The rubbish left in the activity will be sorted away, or taken to the designated place, especially charcoal and plastic bags.

The barbecue information network reminds you to enjoy the delicious food, not to fire and not to fire. Take care of the environment and start with small things. Physical health is also a detail.