Do You Know Chinese Barbecue History?

- Mar 10, 2018-

Barbecue is a long history of cooking, if it starts with human fire. It should have a history of 1 million 700 thousand years. In China, food cooking has experienced four stages of development, namely, fire cooking, stone cooking, water cooking, and cooking oil. It begins with fire - it's barbecue. There is a story about barbecue. Speaking from the ancient time Three Emperors and Five Sovereigns. At that time Fu Xi was the emperor, his life is a myth of history. Said that because his mother stepped in at the Raytheon ray signs after birth Fu Xi; also said to heaven together green light around its mother, Fu Xi was born; has said she was also said to Shennong Suiren; she is Shennong vulcan. Whether it is the kind of argument -- like Thor, lightning light, Suiren or Vulcan zhurong, Fu Xi seems to be born and "fire" forged a puzzled edge of knowledge. When people live in rich, birds and animals to Seoul, the original environment. But because they do not know how to capture the skills, to feel powerless and frustrated. Fu Xi is a clever and sympathize the emperor, seeing people hard, sleepless nights. After countless finally thought of the wild dried rope after netting predation. He taught people this way. So we begin to use production tools to climb under the sea fish age trappers. With the richness of the food, the new problems emerge. After the killing of animals made of raw meat taste is not that bad, it is difficult to save, sometimes even people suffering from the disease. Fu Xi for his fire, the church people cooked, on our diet culture of innovation. People comfort to commemorate the stomach after she referred to Fu Xi as "Paoxi"; the first animal flesh roasted with fire". This is the legendary man of the earliest barbecue and barbecue in China.

Ancient books recorded that barbecue food was once the main food of the Shang and Zhou dynasties in China. Of course, it was related to the cooking tools and cooking techniques at that time. In the Qin and Han Dynasties, the barbecue wind was still in vogue.  According to the records of "Xijing", the Han Emperor Liu Bang ascended the throne, often with barbecue deer liver tripe wine. The servant is so so.

In the Sui Dynasty, the whole nation cultural prosperity has also brought the development of food culture. But in a lot of cooking methods, barbecue food still occupies an important position. At this time, the barbecue has already had a more detailed requirement on the use of fire and material. "Sui shu. There is a biography of Wang Zhao ";; the new fire, the old fire should have different argument. It can be seen that the attainments of the barbecue were already very deep. In the Song Dynasty, the methods of cooking were more and more. Barbecue food is also more sophisticated and diverse. In the history of the "dream beam recorded records reached more than 10 kinds of barbecue food. And this is also the heyday of the ancient barbecue, the north and South Dynasties, the barbecue had a further development. This is more in the "history records in qiminyaoshu. At this time the barbecue is not only material, but also the style is more exquisite. And there's a lot of breakthroughs in the recipe.

Yuan Dynasty is the world of Mongolians. At that time, barbecue was a real flavor of royalty. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, barbecue foods became more popular. Historical data showed that Kangxi had sold barbecue pork on the streets of Beijing in the 25 years of Qing Dynasty [1686 years ago. In "a dream of Red Mansions" which Cao Xueqin once wrote inside the Grand View Garden barbecue venison, and at the time. Barbecue is also a kind of food for all kinds of banquet.

Human barbecue food development today, the main difference is in equipment, materials and methods compared to ancient times, the basic change of the species do not change, is still the ancient method of extension, relatively speaking, the degree of evolution of Chinese barbecue better form, Chinese barbecue food processing, and there are great differences in the primitive society; western style BBQ and small number of differences in primitive society. We Chinese barbecue in recent years is the most familiar to the Xinjiang mutton string, but the people of Xinjiang were mutton tired, so many years, accompany the mutton string to make the world, not what innovation. In the long run, the term Xinjiang has only the value of Archaeology in the barbecue industry. In recent decades, the biggest contribution to Chinese barbecue is Shandong barbecue, and barbecue is the mainstream of the catering industry. The Shandong people have enriched the barbecue and improved the barbecue equipment. Shandong's barbecue equipment has been very industrialized, and there are no lack of quite sophisticated products.

With the pace of Shandong people going to the country in the past few years, the power of Shandong barbecue will be in a rapid rise in the next few years. On the streets and streets, Shandong barbecue signs sprang up like mushrooms. The Chinese diet culture is extensive and profound, and the promotion role of barbecue can not be ignored. Although barbecue in other areas can't shake the status of barbecue in Xinjiang and Shandong in a short time, its distinctive flavor and rich varieties will become an important part of Chinese barbecue.