Grill motor factory - What is missing with the development of the barbecue industry?

- Mar 26, 2018-

Grill motor factory - What is missing with the development of the barbecue industry?

With the development of domestic industry hot barbecue, barbecue equipment in Fuqian furnace status of China barbecue industry analysis, found that many barbecue industry lack of things, industry norms lack most is unified, the lack of benchmark brand health guide, a single category, chaos heterozygous. The barbecue industry needs to develop, and the barbecue information network will find the following points in the barbecue information network.

1. barbecue enterprises jointly form industrial joint force to promote the standardization of industrial development.

2. cooking technology upgrade, (smoke exhaust, purification system, barbecue technology and so on) delicious and environmental health associated;

3. barbecue industry enterprises interact, and the advantages of resources are complementary.

The 4. barbecue industry should develop and expand the market share of the category.

Now the food and beverage industry, barbecue mode to Chinese small skewers, generally similar trend of prices in 3 yuan, and the threshold is too low, there are staff, guests to accept a high degree of advantage at the same time, there are also food scattered, kitchen occupies a large area defects. Skewers children in form and structure changes not only means with the same category compared to more sophisticated, more is a kind of "dinner, dinner and new food culture fusion. It is valuable to have a price, and it is necessary to increase the ritual of the dishes. The guests of the line on the demand will gradually become the delicacy barbecue taste itself, and the pursuit of exquisite dishes and personality atmosphere. So the barbecue must be big and small: big, big, big, big and big. Small: the price is small, the concept is small, the cost is small, the delicate small.