Grill Motor Other Minor Faults Reason

- Oct 23, 2017-

Possible causes of grill motor heating itself? The mechanical load is too heavy, resulting in excessive current and heating; mechanical jamming; the poor ventilation of grill motor; the lack of phase operation; grill motor internal fault. 

How to handle the abnormal sound of the grill motor itself? Should check the power supply voltage and cycle is normal, the grill motor is lack of phase operation, if all normal, should be considered the rotor broken or broken bars, should stop processing. 

How to deal with abnormal grill motor heating in operation? If the grill motor cooling water caused by poor, should try to improve, such as dredging duct, adjustment of air and water cooling; if the supply voltage is too low or caused by imbalance, adjust their ratings; if the load is too high, part load should be reduced. If the above treatment is invalid, and the grill motor coil or bearing temperature reaches the trip value, then shut down the repair process. The asynchronous motor adopts star delta step-down starting, although the starting current is reduced, the starting torque is reduced. In order to improve the starting performance of the grill motor, a series of resistors are inserted into the grill rotor circuit of the wound rotor asynchronous grill motor.