Grill spit motor factory- Barbecue and beer can't have concurrently, please pay attention to the health of the diet

- Mar 30, 2018-

Grill spit motor factory- Barbecue and beer can't have concurrently, please pay attention to the health of the diet.

In the summer evenings, many people like to go to a big stalls with friends and family. They enjoy drinking and barbecue. But the barbecue information network to remind you: drink beer, eat barbecue, you have to take it easy, so as to avoid health risks. In summer diet, we must pay attention to diet regulation, proper consumption of bitter food, light and dry, and pay attention to food safety.

Eating roast string and drinking beer can induce tumors: beer, refreshing and refreshing, which contains many kinds of essential amino acids and rich vitamins, and is loved by people. But when you eat beer in a kebab, it will do great harm to your body. Because smoked foods contain organic amine and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, benzopyrene and amino acid derivatives produced by cooking. When excessive drinking increases blood lead level, the above substances combine with them, which can induce digestive tract diseases and even tumors.

The meat and squid in the barbecue are all high protein and high fat food, which will stimulate the pancreas to secrete a large amount of pancreatic juice. If the pancreatic juice is too late to flow to the duodenum or to the duodenum, it will cause pancreatitis. Alcohol can stimulate congestion and edema of intestinal wall and increase the obstruction of digestive tract. It is more likely to cause acute pancreatitis. At the same time, alcohol is an organic solvent, which can dilate the blood vessels of the digestive tract and dissolve mucin on the surface of the digestive tract, so that the carcinogens are easily absorbed by the human body. Besides, in summer, the risk of inducing this disease is higher due to the large consumption of alcohol.

Barbecue information network gives you some health tips: eating hot barley tea or green tea instead of beer when eating barbecue can not only get greasy, but also protect the stomach. Barbecue suggests a maximum of once a week, a maximum of 5 strings, or two times a month; at the same time, the meat string should be cooked to protect the parasites, and the best green vegetables and fruits and vegetable water to eat barbecue Nutrients such as VC, VE and carotene in fruit can effectively reduce the harm of carcinogens to human body. Let you enjoy the delicious, at the same time, do not have to worry about health is threatened.