Heavy duty rotisserie motor- Can pregnant women be able to eat barbecue and roast meat on earth?

- Apr 06, 2018-

Heavy duty rotisserie motor- Can pregnant women be able to eat barbecue and roast meat on earth?

The weather has been gradually relaxed and delightful, roadside stalls to sell, many pregnant women at the mouth. So, can pregnant women have a barbecue? The following is for you to analyze pregnant women can eat barbecue.

1, barbecue is tasty, but it is not healthy, and health conditions need to be improved, especially when barbecue meat, in the process of barbecue, "Maillard reaction", the nucleic acid in the meat in Maillard reaction, and most amino acids in the heating decomposition of gene mutation substances, these substances may lead to cancer. The occurrence of the disease.

2, a lot of meat will have more or less parasites, if the barbecue is not cooked thoroughly during the barbecue, pregnant women who eat these barbecues can easily cause infection of the Toxoplasma gondii, which will affect the health of the mother and the fetus.

3, with the fragrance of the emission, vitamins are destroyed, protein denaturation, amino acids are also destroyed, seriously affecting the intake and availability of the three.

The biggest risk of food poisoning during barbecue comes from raw and UN cooked meat, which may be caused by E. coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter. When pregnant, the body's immune system is not as good as usual, so it is more likely to be infected by all the bacteria that cause food poisoning and is more likely to be ill. But although these bacteria may cause serious diseases to mothers, they will not directly affect the baby through the placenta. Therefore, from the perspective of nutrition, pregnant women should be careful of barbecue.

Pregnant women can't eat barbecue, can they eat barbecue? This is the greedy pregnant women want to know?

1, meat contains rich protein, usually between 10-20%. Lean meat contains more protein than fat. Meat food protein is a high quality protein, not only contains the necessary nitrogen base acid, more comprehensive, more quantity, and the proportion is appropriate, close to the human protein, easy to digest and absorb.

2, the average fat content in meat is about 10-30%, mainly in various fatty acids and glycerin three fat. Iron plate barbecue and a small amount of lecithin, cholesterol, free fatty acids and fat soluble pigments.

3, meat fat can provide more heat. Therefore, barbecue also has sufficient nutritional value to bring energy to pregnant women.

So in conclusion, pregnant women should not eat barbecue barbecue.