Homemade Barbecue stove

- Jun 21, 2017-

1, drilling hole in the bottom of the bucket 60 centimeters above the hole, drilling four intervals of the equivalent of holes, but also on the lid of the bucket to make four holes, they are used for air circulation. Next, drill four eyes at the bottom 30 cm, if the circumference of the bucket as a clock, then two of the eye is at 1 and 5 points, and two eyes are at 7 and 11 points. Next, in the 4-eye horizontal position up to 20 centimeters, in the same way to drill four eyes. The production is a three-storey barbecue stove: The following layer is used to put coal and charcoal, the middle of a drainage basin, the top layer of meat. Finally, drill a hole in the middle of the barrel for the insertion of the thermometer.

2, to support the barbecue rack

Tilt the first grill into the bucket, and then insert the two stainless steel rods through the four holes in the second floor, and then place the metal basins above. The water basin not only can increase the water in the barbecue stove, but also can catch the oil that falls from above. Then, the remaining two sticks are interspersed from the top four eyes, and then the last floor grill is placed.

3. Observation temperature

Insert a thermometer in the middle of the bucket. The ideal temperature is generally 200-300 degrees, so the temperature control is very critical. "The faster the air circulates, the hotter the fire will be," he said. " So, when the temperature is too high, use the plug to plug in the air circulation of the hole, after the temperature is lowered, and then pull the plug out.

This homemade barbecue stove is very simple. The market also has a very easy to carry barbecue stove, that is, folding barbecue stove.