How to Barbecue Lamb Shashlik?

- Oct 31, 2017-

Mutton shashlik

Cut the leg of the lamb into 2 cm wide strips and marinate it for 2 hours with a cumin, a portion of salt, a half portion of chili, half a portion of cooking wine, half a portion of beef powder, and a mixture of 1/4 portions of cardamom powder.

Cut the tail oil into small pieces. The marinated meat sheep hind, with cut into small strips.

First on a piece of mutton in Qianzai, again on a sheep tail oil, and then on 2 pieces of meat, and on 2 sheep tail oil, so the meat will be moist, should pay attention to the meat between don't squeeze too tight, if a few onions mixed in meat, there will be very strange the taste.


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