How to choose an electric BBQ Grill

- Feb 27, 2018-

The electric burning oven is a direct fired electric burning oven which directly acts on food by a heat source, and the food oil drops immediately when barbecue is barbecued.

The oil quality of repeated infiltration, that is, no oil fried, fried process, so the food contains less oil, barbecue food is the real barbecue taste. With indoor barbecue, barbecue grill has been popular among young people is becoming more and more popular, in the face of Ling Lang everywhere electric grill, how should we choose it?

Selection of baking tray material

Most of the electric ovens on the market are frying pans. They are mainly iron and aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy baking pan is recommended. Aluminum alloy is much better than iron baking pan in life, anti falling, heat conduction and rust protection. The cost is about three times that.

Selection of baking plate coating

According to the different brands and, mainly has two kinds of silicone oil and DuPont Teflon coating, recommended DuPont Teflon coating silicone bakeware, easy to stick oil led not easy to clean under high temperature, and are particularly vulnerable to sticky food; with Teflon characteristics of resisting corrosion, water resistance, oil resistance, high temperature, using this coating pan safe and non-toxic, easy to clean. To the attention of the silicone coating and Teflon coating is very similar in appearance, there is no logo stickers observation tray DuPont certification.

Selection of heat pipe

There are a lot of heat pipes on the market. The main materials are cast iron, stainless steel and so on. Choose the electric oven to pay attention to the design of the heating pipe.

Life, power, material and so on. Good heating pipes should be made of stainless steel. Due to long-term high temperature environment, cast iron heating pipes will gradually absorb moisture and rust during cooling process, thereby affecting the heating efficiency. The design life range from 1000 to 5000 hours, the appearance is indistinguishable, can only be seen by the electric oven manufacturer. Generally, the power of heating pipes is different from 300~2000W. From some angles, the higher the better, the better the thermal efficiency. But it also costs more electricity. When choosing, it is necessary to choose the right 1300W.

Control switch selection

On the market of electric barbecue products are divided into closed and mechanical stepless temperature control switch two, stepless temperature control is the knob switch, you can manually adjust the temperature, the mechanical switch on / off only two forms, but the general switch is equipped with indicator lamp and a built-in thermostat, which according to the individual needs to choose you can, stepless temperature control will be better.

Non fume characteristics

Well, the electric oven must be smokeless. We should consider the problem of indoor air pollution. Since the advent of the electric oven, we have been faced with consumers with the image of healthy barbecue. The principle of no smoke is mainly determined by the temperature controller to control the temperature, limit the temperature does not exceed the fume temperature, but inferior electric oven temperature control is not good, because the technical strength is not enough, not to join the thermostat and other reasons, there will be intermittent fumes, before the resolution can only rely on product promotion

Selection of applicable numbers

Taking into account the number of barbecue, barbecue is not more portable as possible, electric oven manufacturers at the beginning of design will take into account the number of people barbecue, avoid many people, but few are insufficient waste heat of low-level error, select suitable number grill before should understand or products, so as to so everyone can eat delicious barbecue