Maintenance skills of the BBQ Oven or Grill

- Dec 19, 2017-

Maintenance skills of the oven

1. Cleaning the barbecue residue in time

Whether the gas oven, charcoal grill, smoked oven or electric oven, every time after use and be sure to clean the oven after cooling, carbon dust, grease and residue of food in a timely manner, do not bother to clear or intend to use next time again to clean up, doing so is to stay more trouble, and these residues will have an adverse effect on the oven parts, reduced service life of oven.

2. The knack of quick cleaning the roast net

For carbon oven, gas oven, stainless steel or cast iron grill, dry burning is a good way to clean up every time before or after: barbecue barbecue, about 10 minutes free barbecue net, you will find that the impurity grill surface will be carbonized, then only need to use the oven cleaning brush to brush the roast, these the carbide can be easily fall off, cleaning work becomes an easy job to do, multiplier.

3, the method of checking the igniter and gas pipe in a gas grill

Check the ignition button: when you press the button, should hear a "click" sound, and out of mars. If not, you need to replace the battery and try it again. If you don't have a normal spark to spark ignition, it may be a problem with the igniter line. Check the gas transmission hose: at intervals, it is necessary to use clear water to check whether the lower connector and the gas hose leak. If the gas hose is put in the clear water, if there is a bubble, it indicates a leak hole. At this point, it is time to give up the use and call the producer.

There is no practical sense of good or bad in the oven. Only if it is suitable or not, the knife can not be used to cut the bone. Different fields, different numbers and different needs can't be generalized. Based on the above analysis, I hope you can choose a barbecue stove that allows you to enjoy yourself according to your actual needs.