Merits and Demerits of Gas BBQ Grills

- Dec 19, 2017-


Americans like gas barbecues, which appear in the 1960s and are now becoming more and more popular. Previous gas fired ovens have some disadvantages, for example, they don't have high temperature of carbon ovens, but are much more humid than carbon ovens. But now the gas ovens are very high, some styles and special smoked boxes.

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The advantages of gas barbecue furnace:

1, the operation is simple and fast. The principle of gas oven is the same as that of household gas cooker. It can start with a button, and it can keep constant temperature in a few hours. It needs no charcoal and charcoal, and pays close attention to firepower at any time.

2, clean and sanitary, gas oven avoids the trouble of carbon, less fume, no carbon ash, convenient and tidy when barbecue, and it is also fast and labor-saving when cleaning.

3, safe and healthy, first it has no carbon ash, food is finished clean. The fire control, not prone to problems such as food or cooked. At last, the product after the gas is completely burned is only water and carbon dioxide, and it is innoxious and pollution-free. It can be used safely.


1, the small gas oven to roast stew, love the people love with braised barbecue oven, gas oven large courtyard has braised roast function, while small portable gas stove due to technical problems, there is no space for braised roast will make you miss a lot of delicious.

2, outdoor equipment problems can not be solved in time. If we want to use gas oven, we need to ensure that the gas tank, gas pipe and igniter are not damaged before using, otherwise, outdoor professionals can not find professional solutions. In order to be in case, you can take one more pipe, a can of portable gas tank and a pulse igniter.

3, in addition to the problem of equipment, it is that the food baked by the gas is never better than the flavor made by the fire.

When buying a gas oven, we should pay attention to the following points:

1. At least 2 burners, preferably 3 or 4.

2. There is a thick metal grill. The best material is cast iron or stainless steel.

3, a removable drip tray, firm structure.

4. If it is a large gas oven, it is necessary to choose a wheeled cart, a locker, a gas meter and a thermometer.