Notice method of using barbecue stove

- Jun 21, 2017-

Barbecue to add half lit and half of the charcoal is not lit, need to add fire, just add carbon can, according to the experiment, can save about 60% charcoal. Convenient and efficient, time-saving, low cost, easy to demolition. Easy to install, easy to use, can be arbitrarily mobile desktop as needed. Internal equipment is not easy to damage, the internal air purification system does not need to install smoke pipe, just install the oven to the fire on the desktop to connect the power can, reduce the facilities and the cost of closing the decoration, because the meat will not be glued to the baking tray, so do not often change the baking tray, exhaust pipe in the open, cleaning and maintenance easy. can also use air-conditioning, air conditioning is the convection way to cool after the release of hot air and the process due to serious pollution, most barbecue shops do not open air-conditioning, our ovens can not only prevent air pollution, but also effective purification part of the air, so open fans and air-conditioning will not pollute the air. Because of their own purification of the air is very clean and sanitary, will not jump oil to the guest's clothing will not have oil taste, so that guests in a neat, comfortable atmosphere to enjoy food. Exhaust pipes are open and easy to clean and repair. Configure the Fire control button, according to the need for fire size and barbecue process of self-regulation, not easy to Hu plate, normal consumption without changing the plate, and can be baked a variety of food.