Oil Must Be Brushed During The Barbecue or Not? How does the oil use when barbecue time

- Mar 11, 2018-

At a barbecue some of my friends love to barbecue food brush oil; some barbecue spots of the staff to see the situation, to the other to barbecue friend recommended this practice results; we all do, the meat did sleep, why who also do not know to do this.

After the meat roasted over charcoal is easy to dry, the color is not good, to brush a little oil, can improve the look. As a result, this method was abused. On the one hand, the oil was brushed out, and more than ten people were able to finish a barrel of oil. Like brush less, baked out of something is not good. In fact, this does not only pollute the environment but also pollute the food, and the baked things are all black.

In fact, the right thing is: only when the roast meat is baked very dry, you need to brush a very small amount of oil, improve it. Barbecue food, which is treated correctly, is not required to brush oil. Most barbecues do not need oil. We were to drop into carbon, smoke, smoke containing harmful material. It not only pollutes the environment but also damages the health.

High temperature during the roasting process will lead to the loss of meat juice and grease, but barbecue sauce can well maintain the moisture of food. It is more suitable to improve the taste of the food. But beware, grilled meat do not rush to open, let it wake up! So, to put barbecue delicious juice and barbecue sauce taste have taste more absorption.

The barbecue is an industry, is a technology live, not just baked so simple that specialize in. If you don't have a barbecue, don't bring family barbecue together with your family. It's a waste of food and no delicious enjoyment for your family.