Parts of barbecue minor attentions

- Nov 13, 2017-

Barbecue place choose

Beauty, mountains and water are the best places for rest and dining. Choose a shelter from the ground, so as to smooth the grill, preferably near the water, and pay attention to the fire prevention. The most important thing is that some of the attractions in the suburbs of Beijing are not allowed to barbecue ignition, firms must be confirmed in advance, to comply with the relevant provisions.

A good ignition grill, according to the number of picnic and the length of time into the amount of pine charcoal, furnace center accumulation, furnace wall around the charcoal slightly less, in order to make charcoal burning after the fire is strong weak fire, with different heat barbecue food. Lit the charcoal, the solid alcohol poured into the furnace after carbon combustion reactor. Readily pick up some dry twigs or cones in the fire, grilled meat with more natural plant. Don't start burning after the fire hits

Put the barbecue on the oven (wait ten minutes after the fire is lit). Ignition can also be used in the field of a one-time closed butane gas tank, with the nozzle burning charcoal, safe, fast, smoke less. Fire barbecue after putting out the fire can take some water on the charcoal, to extinguish the fire after the carbon fell on the land, to ensure that the fire completely extinguished, and the soil cover can leave.

Summer is the protection of mosquitoes and ants more season, especially water, so take the anti mosquito medicine is wise. Salad, fruit and sweets temporarily don't eat food cover with plastic wrap and to prevent insects.

Environmental protection on the outskirts of fresh air, beautiful environment, and finally use garbage bags, waste collection, especially in the left, some will forget the venue clean up garbage, with environmental protection, leave the same beautiful later