Pig rotisserie motor factory - How to flavour Korean barbecue?

- Mar 15, 2018-

Pig rotisserie motor factory - How to flavour Korean barbecue?

Now the Korean cuisine has gradually integrated into our life, especially the Korean roast meat eating method, more and more we like it. Korean barbecue shop is also more and more recently, I also went to a greedy, then this time to savor and enjoy a turn, found in the essence of the seasoning is Korean barbecue place, so he decided to delve into the heart of Korean barbecue seasoning how can make taste so delicious, here I give you an analysis.

First of all, of course, we choose a household smoke-free barbecue stove. Now barbecue oven is very convenient, all kinds of electric oven operation is very simple, easy to place, and easy to carry. It is very convenient at home, no fumes, no trouble at home to make barbecues.

Korean barbecue is known from South Korea from its name. The Korean barbecue furnace is also adapted to meet the habit and taste of domestic barbecue. It's quite Chinese. Because it is the freshness of the test, so the meat is delicious, the aroma is full, of course, the taste of the mouth and the appearance looks beautiful need to be carefully seasoned.

When Korean roast meat is pickled, we usually use "five spicy" raw materials, that is, chili, garlic, onion, ginger, and onion. "Hot" is the main taste of Korean barbecue, in pickles and dipping sauce under the action of consumption will show "Five", which is sweet, spicy, salty, sour, bitter, the dipping sauce flavor to the main supplement.

South Korean barbecue must be cured by marinated flavor. When pickled, some fruits and onions are usually added to make the vegetables feel fragrant and not greasy. In addition, South Korean barbecue in the process of baking no longer seasoning, only when eaten when dipped in juice to fill the taste.

When we make the seasoning, we'll add the seasoning made by the smoke-free barbecue oven recommended by barbecue information network to see if there is any smell of the restaurant.