Principle of Solar BBQ stove

- Jun 21, 2017-

Solar oven is developed by Huang Ming Solar Co., Ltd. A new products, lasted two years, will be the solar energy in the field of high thermal power generation technology successfully civilian transformation, turn into a solar barbecue, solar soup, solar tea and other functions in a new energy products.

Solar Barbecue stove is the use of the principle of concentrating heat to achieve food barbecue and stew, the use of photovoltaic power generation principle to achieve battery charging, machine operation, and so on, the first solar radiant energy through the reflector and baking tube concentrating, heat transfer, thermal and so on, so as to obtain heat, food barbecue, stew and Secondly, solar modules absorb solar energy into electricity and provide power to the solar automatic tracking system. The solar energy Automatic tracking system consists of a photosensitive tracker and a motor, which can accurately track the azimuth of the sun at anytime and anywhere to achieve the effective collection of sunlight.

This very futuristic product temperature of up to 350 degrees, to achieve a barbecue, boil water, porridge, soup and other functions, even in the $number winter, as long as the sun is sufficient, toast, apples, sweet potatoes, chicken nuggets, mutton kebabs can be achieved. Unlike traditional ovens, this equipment cooks food that is not directly baked, so it does not lose water and the food becomes moist and tastes good. Especially soup, because similar slow fire generally, slowly become hot, and the tube temperature even, warm stew of food become bone crisp meat rotten.