Rotisserie grill kit factory- Preparation work of the Korean barbecue shop

- Apr 12, 2018-

Rotisserie grill kit factory- Preparation work of the Korean barbecue shop.

Korean cuisine, like Korean dramas, is popular among Chinese consumers. Among them, Korean style barbecue is especially popular. When entrepreneurs see this opportunity to make money, they are also thinking about how to build a successful Korean barbecue shop. What preparations do you need to prepare for a Korean barbecue restaurant? Here's a detailed account of what preparatory work for Korean barbecue shops is.

First, market research and market research are very necessary in the preparatory work of the whole shop. It not only includes location selection, but also includes products and service objects. Market investigation is the basis of business operation.

(1) the investigation of the business circle.

For shoppers, the concept of business circle is a very important consideration. Business circles refer to the possible scope of store marketing. The business circle can be divided into:

1. near neighbour type. It refers to residents whose radius is 250~500 meters or so.

The 2. area center type. Refers to the shop radius of 1 kilometers or so for the life business circle.

The central type of the 3. major regions. A area where a bus is extended to reach.

4. radiation type. Refer to the transfer center of a number of public transport tools in the shop.

5. reticular type. It means that shops can go all directions to the central area, generally refers to the bustling business center. A detailed analysis of barbecue shop marketing products, 3, 4, 5 type is good, 2 times, 1 is not suitable.

(2) the survey of target customers.

Refers to the survey of products and services. After determining the business project, we should investigate the target customers, including the main family or personal income, family size, age, character composition, population density and population mobility in the business circle, in order to analyze the maturity of the business circle, the income of the target customers and the level of literature, and the management of different consumers. Which kind of production and services are made.

(3) project investigation.

Refers to the survey of products and services. It includes whether the product is marketable, whether the source has a continuous supply guarantee, the pre implemented service, such as whether the service items such as the home delivery and so on are true and feasible, and whether the product has a long life vitality and so on.

Two, determine the address of the shop, we need to pay attention to the following situations.

(1) the size of the passenger flow. (2) whether there is a barbecue nearby. (3) the operation of the competitors. (4) the surrounding traffic conditions. (5) geographical factors. Including: 1. one-way street. 2. overpasses and underground passages. Whether there is an obstacle to the 3. people flow.