Rotisserie Motor Noise Classification and Way of Judgement

- Oct 23, 2017-

The rotisserie motor noise classification is divided into three categories: electromagnetic noise, mechanical noise and aerodynamic noise. 

  1. electromagnetic noise is the magnetic field pulsation in the gap of the rotisserie motor, which results in a low frequency noise generated by the vibration of the stator, rotor and the whole rotisserie motor structure. The numerical value is determined by the electromagnetic load and the design parameters of the rotisserie motor.

  2. The electromagnetic noise is the main structure is divided into: constant noise, electromagnetic noise, and load on the magnetic noise, the main reason is because, with the rotor slot of stator and rotor eccentricity properly, or the gap is too small, the length is not consistent. 2. mechanical noise is the friction, impact, unbalance and structural resonance noise of the rotisserie motor running part. There are many kinds of noise caused by mechanical reasons, and they are also complicated. The sources of noise are: self noise source, load induction noise source, auxiliary parts of mechanical noise source. It comes down to processing technology, machining accuracy, assembly quality and other issues. It is produced by brush and commutator, bearing, rotor and ventilation system. According to this, the mechanical noise can be divided into brush noise, bearing noise, fan noise, load noise, etc.

  3. Determine the noise types by cutting off the power law, characteristics of the use of electromagnetic noise with the magnetic field strength, the size of the load current and speed variable rotisserie motor no-load operation, to listen to a period of time after the power supply is cut off suddenly. As the power is cut off, part of the noise will disappear immediately. This is electromagnetic noise. After the power failure, the rotisserie motor continues to run by inertia, and the noise produced is mechanical noise. In the operation of AC rotisserie motor, due to friction, vibration, insulation aging and other reasons, it is inevitable to malfunction. If these faults are checked, found and eliminated in time, the accidents can be prevented effectively.