rotisserie motor rpm - Seven knack of barbecue

- Mar 20, 2018-

rotisserie motor rpm - Seven knack of barbecue

Near summer vacation, most people choose outdoor barbecue for summer vacation, which also leads to a lot of information related to search and barbecue tips on the Internet recently.

1. different roasting methods should be applied to different ingredients

A. roast meat slices: thin slices of meat, only about 3 minutes can be cooked, not too long to bake, otherwise, the meat is hard or coke, it is not good. Pork must be cooked until full cooked, and beef is not suitable to be baked to full cooked food, otherwise it will destroy the fresh and tender meat.

B. seafood and fish, clams and fish on the grill, the best in foil wrapped up, it is not easy to be burnt skin, also easy to store delicious soup. Barbecue for about 2~3 minutes, fish fillet protruding, can be eaten.

C. tempura, hot dogs, sausage: try to use small fire, besides vegetables, preferably on the tin box, by way of smoldering barbecue, more fire.

2. use of charcoal fuel

The best choice for fuel is charcoal. Try not to use chemical carbon.  The special flavor of grilled food from high temperature charcoal barbecue food flavor, so choose a good charcoal is to enjoy the delicious foundation. Good quality charcoal general long burning time, good fire. It is best to choose the branches of the charcoal. Do not use the whole stem, otherwise it is not easy to point. At the time of ignition, 5 particles are put in one pack of fire 5 grains at a time.  To burn the charcoal when transparent red, then it spread to the surface of the charcoal grill, also underburn, do not hurry to bake, so easy to get dirty food, black.

3. clean grill

Before roasting the food, brush a layer of oil on the grill lest the food stick on the shelf. At any time with the iron brush off the residue on the grill, keep the grill clean, it does not affect the flavor of food.

4. to turn over the face at the right time

As soon as the food is on the grill, it will not only prolong the time of roasting, but also destroy the protein, and make the meat hardened.  In roasting food, food must be heated to a certain extent to easily turn over the face. If the noodles are turned over, some of the food is glued to the grid. It shows that the protein is not fully heated. Hard pull will tear the protein fiber. If the fish will form a peeling phenomenon.

5. replenish water

The longer the food is in the barbecue, the more the water and oil are lost, the more dry the taste is. So in the barbecue process, we should brush some barbecue sauce on the food properly, and keep the moisture content of the food, but be careful not to brush too much at a time, and cause the food to be salty.

The use of 6. salt

Salt can be used for flavoring. In addition, during the barbecue process, many foods containing fat will dripping oil after heating. These oil droplets will be burned by charcoal fire, which will cause a high flame and burn the food on the grid. If it is sprinkled with water, it will only produce soot and pollute the food, and just sprinkle some salt in the fire can solve the problem.

7. rhombus roast mark

The ground rhombus barbecue can absolutely add to the barbecue technology. Baked baked diamond marks is not difficult, first ask the fire temperature should be hot enough, then food for the 30 degree angle on the grill, when the food is fully heated food to the opposite direction of the 30 degree angle, can form a diamond grill marks.