Rotisserie motor uk - How to make a sales plan for the barbecue store

- Mar 21, 2018-

Rotisserie motor uk - How to make a sales plan for the barbecue store

The storefront needs to write scripts to make employees rehearse their roles, which is very effective for the improvement of the level of hospitality. In order to sell the dishes as a problem, let the staff practice the response, receive all the guests from the door to the door to all activities. And it is divided into two stages, one part is the practice that has been adopted now, and the other is the practice that has never been adopted. From the beginning of the shop owner's clapping to the clapping of hands again, all actions during this period must be carried out with a real performance attitude and conscientiously completed. If the script is required step by step, then I'll introduce you to the other:

1. understand the index and order.

2. improve the daily hall business.

The lobby business at the peak of the 3. weekend was also available.

4. people can personally experience the attitude of the guests, and consciously improve the quality of service.

5. each member can study and improve each other.

6. can also experience the manager's hardship and hard work.

After the script was set, it was followed by the official performance of the assigned role. The first is the practice of team work, better allocation of roles, the remaining members of customers, began to practice a series of proper action, from the guests into the store to shop the plot. At this time, we should start with the leader of the store leader or head waiter. We should not disturb the guests in the exercise process. We should try to give full play to everyone's role advantage and deduce naturally. The next step is special handling exercises in special situations. For example, like drinking water and so on. When the guests pour accidentally spilled wine:

1. people who spilled wine

2. clean up the people

3. shop chief (representative of apology)

When these people are not present, the other people have to clean up the scene right away. Under such circumstances, we must not be in a hurry. We must keep the salesmen firmly in mind. How can we take the role of the remaining three people calmly and calmly to solve the problem of their assigned role in such a chaotic situation?