Rotisserie parts factory- How to make a price of barbecue menu in grill house?

- Apr 11, 2018-

Rotisserie parts factory- How to make a price of barbecue menu in grill house?

Barbecue shop management, the roast price is to make a lot of barbecue shopkeepers headache, a lot of raw materials irregular fluctuations, and in recent years, a lot of raw materials are only rising, but because more barbecue colleagues in the spirit of others can not do. The whole barbecue industry can't be adjusted in price. The Maori is too low, and some can't even go out. In particular, there are many barbecue shops in the same area. It is easy to have malicious competition. As the saying goes, the peers are friends, and most people are price following strategies to make barbecue roasts.

So the barbecue shop in the business process how to make a reasonable price, barbecue shop operators in determining the barbecue price, often mistakenly believe that the characteristic barbecue should use high price, this is an unreasonable idea, to know that reasonable pricing is a basic way of survival of the special barbecue shop. Barbecue shops should take into account several restrictive factors at a specific price.

1. The scale and grade of the barbecue shop

Using the example of the catering industry, we all have the experience that the same thing is that the price of a fried green vegetable is a little more than 5 yuan in a family house, and the price will rise to 10 yuan for a three star barbecue shop, and the price of a five star barbecue will turn a few times. Why is this? This is because the price of a dish is not only a reflection of the raw materials used to make this dish, the cooking technology, but also a comprehensive reflection of a series of factors such as the environment, quality of service and additional facilities. This is a basic industry rule. In the same way, a customer chose to go to a barbecue shop to show that he had known the price level of the barbecue shop, which restricts the price setting of the barbecue.

2. Type of customer

Nowadays, consumers are increasingly turning to rational consumption. They generally have less money, more enjoyment, nutrition and health. Therefore, small and medium-sized barbecue shops are suitable for the middle price route. Of course, under the guidance of such a business concept, we should also specifically analyze its service objects. Some of the newer theme barbecues, such as Barbecues for young people chasing fashion, can be priced high, but most of the features are in the middle of the roast shop.

3, barbecue peer price comparison

Barbecue shop should pay attention to its characteristics, but in addition to some special products, we must seriously consider the popular barbecue types. For such products that everyone has, we should take into account the industry competition in pricing, and attract customers through quality and low price.

4. The psychological factors of customers

The use of the number in the price is really a little particular, according to the general experience, for the basic difference in the taste of the barbecue, customers are more willing to choose a 1.9 yuan barbecue and not choose 2 yuan barbecue. Just like buying clothes, marked 99 yuan is more acceptable than 100 yuan, because 99 yuan does not break 100% in the psychological price of customers. This 1 yuan, 0.1 yuan small margin pricing strategy also has a greater role.

5. The origin of barbecue

In the eyes of Volkswagen consumers, barbecue such as seafood and shark fin is often a luxury in the mainland. And some barbecues rely on raw materials to win. It is also a kind of vegetable. The barbecue made of green and pollution-free raw materials is more expensive than barbecue made by vegetables sold in general market.

6, different price lines

Do not think that any barbecue price is to maximize profit, because the price is not the only way to maximize profit, "thin profit" is the "curve" way some entrepreneurs are willing to adopt in order to maximize profits. There are some barbecue stores, especially the old ones, to get the trust of customers at a stable price. Even if the price of raw materials rises in a certain period, they also insist on the original price. Of course, more barbecue shops aim to get their satisfying profits.

7. Position factors of barbecue shop

This is another factor that has to be considered to affect the price. In particular, there may be no difference in the operating characteristics and product types of the same kind of barbecue, but the price difference is revealed by one in the city's golden section and in a more remote place.

8. Pricing of the special barbecue shop

There are some small barbecue shops, there are 2-3 barbecue products is the characteristics of the shop, truly people without me, people have no sperm. If you reach this result, you can have the right to price the barbecue price, because the customer knows a penny and you can really eat the customer's mouth, so it is about 10% more than the others, and the customer will not care, but this 10% is a guarantee of your high profit, but there are some less barbecue products than you can offer. A cheap point, can not be more expensive than others, so usually to communicate with customers more, see what roast barbecue guests most love, repeat the most, that must not sell an increase, barbecue roast quality is poor. I think that a little bit of the few customers do not know, little roast a little bit of customers do not matter, the final result is to smash his own sign, really no one to eat again.