Seafood Barbecue Operate Knowlege

- Mar 12, 2018-

Hot summer, people tend to love on vacation to the beach, to the seaside natural seafood, watching the sunset at the beach, hand cooked delicious seafood food, how comfortable it is. Grilled squid, grilled oysters, grilled seafood is Scallop in Shell several most common seafood barbecue, the price close to the people, cheap and well received. Especially in the summer, the seafood barbecue and cold drink together, really call the people to yell! Seafood barbecue for thousands of years, from ancient times, we made clear Zuanmuquhuo way, use fire to bake food, seafood barbecue is also beginning from this period have. This barbecue industry information network simply introduces the tips of the bake seafood.

1. seafood barbecue, wash the grill before barbecue seafood. First, brush a layer of oil on the grill to avoid sticking the food on the shelf. At any time with the iron brush off the residue on the grill, adhere to grill cleaning, it does not affect the flavor of seafood.

2. season over when the seafood barbecue Seafood Grill, kept rummaging will not only extend the baked time, damage the protein, the formation of hard meat. In roasting seafood, it is necessary for seafood to be heated to a certain extent to simply turn over the face. If some seafood is glued to the grid, if it is turned over, it is clear that the protein is not completely heated. Hard pull will tear the protein fiber. If the fish will form a peeling scene.

3. the best selection of charcoal for the use of charcoal for seafood barbecue is still charcoal. Try not to use chemical carbon as much as possible. The special flavor of grilled food from high temperature charcoal barbecue food flavor, therefore, a good selection of charcoal is having the delicious foundation.

4. the longer the seafood during the barbecue, the longer the seafood is in the barbecue, the greater the loss of water and oil, the more dry the taste. Therefore, during the barbecue process, we should brush some barbecue sauce on the food properly, and stick to the moisture content of the seafood, but be careful not to brush too much at once, and form salty seafood.