Rotisserie motor factory - Secrets of enjoying delicious barbecue at home

- Mar 13, 2018-

Rotisserie motor factory - Secrets of enjoying delicious barbecue at home

The arrival of summer, barbecue and around us, considering on the outside to eat barbecue a health, two did not have any fun, most people love about the family and friends at an outdoor barbecue, barbecue in the Chinese information network for you to explain these making tasty barbecue recipe.

1, if you prepare for making homemade barbecue, then the choice of charcoal is the first important thing. Choose charcoal must not cheap, some inferior charcoal fire is not enough, not even burning; and after burning smoke pollution will have a great food. Good quality charcoal is neat, quality is heavier, so the charcoal burning time, and the fire is very good. Due to the special flavor of grilled food from high temperature charcoal barbecue food flavor, so choose a good charcoal is to enjoy the delicious foundation.

2, before barbecue food, first brush a layer of oil on the grill so as not to stick the food on the shelf. At any time with the iron brush to grill the residue, and maintain a clean grill, it does not affect the flavor of food.

3. There are many kinds of food that can be barbecued, but the choice of materials is also very particular. Pork must be cooked until cooked, cooked, ribs, waist and buttocks should be fresh and slightly some fat pork, roast the meat that is not too dry. Beef: you can choose beef ribs, fresh and tenderness; the beef shoulder is the best meat for roasting. Both American and Australian beef are not suitable to be baked into full cooked food, which will destroy the fresh and tender meat. Chicken: all parts are good barbecue materials. If a lemon water is soaked before the barbecue, sprinkle some starch and make the meat more tender. Seafood: everything is OK, but it must be fresh. Fresh seafood is very fleshy and elastic, and it should not be more than 30 minutes before the seafood barbecue from the refrigerator. When the squid is roasted, a thin layer of yolk is painted on the top of the squid. The color will be more beautiful and the taste is better. Vegetables, fruits: with rhizomes, mushrooms, and less juice with more hard texture, such as corn, green pepper, pineapple, banana and so on.

4, the food on the barbecue, anxious people always worry about the scorch, constantly turn over. In fact, in this way, it extends the time of roasting and destroys protein and causes the meat to harden. In roasting food, food must be heated to a certain extent to easily turn over the face. If the noodles are turned over, some of the food is glued to the grid. It shows that the protein is not fully heated. Hard pull will tear the protein fiber. If the fish will form a peeling phenomenon.

5. The longer the food is in the barbecue, the longer the water and oil are lost, the more dry the taste is. Therefore, in the barbecue process, the amount of barbecue sauce should be properly brushed on the food, which can keep the food moist and increase the taste, but be careful not to brush too much at a time, resulting in salty food.

6, for a certain barbecue base, roasting the ground rhombus roast mark can definitely make the barbecue technology add to the icing on the cake. In fact, baked out of diamond shaped grill marks is not difficult, first ask the fire temperature should be hot enough, then food for the 30 degree angle on the grill, when the food is fully heated food to the opposite direction of the 30 degree angle, can form a diamond grill marks. In the same way, the other side of the food is branded with a roast mark.