Spit Motor Fault Analysis Way

- Oct 23, 2017-

Check the fault of asynchronous spit motor 

  1. To listen to the sound, carefully to find the fault point of AC asynchronous spit motor in operation, if it is found that the thin "buzzing" sound, no change fluctuated, is a normal voice, sound, and if the coarse sharp "buzz" and "the hissing sound is there is a malfunction of the aura, consider the following reasons: (1) core loosening vibration spit motor in operation, the temperature change fluctuated, the iron core fixing bolt deformation caused by steel sheet loose, large electromagnetic noise. (2) the rotor rotation of the rotor noise sound, generated by the cooling fan, is a "toot" sound, like the author on the drums "dub" sound, this is the spit motor in a sudden start and stop, reverse braking and variable speed, acceleration torque to the rotor core and the shaft distribution caused by with loose, light can continue to use, or open the inspection and repair. (3) bearing noise of the spit motor in operation, must pay attention to the voice of the bearing culture, one end of the screwdriver touches on the bearing cover, the other end is attached to the ear, can hear the sound change inside the spit motor, different parts, different faults, there are different voices. Such as "crunch" is the irregular movement of the inner roll gun, which is related to the clearance of the bearing and the grease state. The hissing sound is generally composed of metal friction sound, bearing on the grinding caused by bearing grease should be opened Tim agent.

  2. By smell, analysis of fault spit motor in normal operation is odorless, if smell odor, is the fault signal, such as smell, insulation is a barbecue, and with the increase of the temperature of the spit motor, but also badly burnt smoke; such as oil, mostly bearing, the smell of oil evaporation in the state of near dry grinding. 3. using the handle, check the fault touch TV shell by hand, can largely determine the temperature level, if the hand touches the motor shell was very hot, the temperature value is very high, should check the reasons, such as overload, the voltage is too high, then the reason for troubleshooting.