The Advantage and Disadvantage of Charcoal Barbecue

- Dec 19, 2017-

Charcoal barbecue furnace

As a mainstream oven, most barbecue enthusiasts choose a charcoal oven. The charcoal is more suitable for baking steak and other meats because it burns higher than the gas. And the charcoal oven is relatively dry, and it is very suitable for ordinary barbecue and fumigating.

The advantages of charcoal barbecue furnace:

1, high temperature, suitable for grilled steak and other meat.

2, dry, not easy to steam, baked food is pure, full of flavor.

3, suitable for BBQ, domestic consumers of this strange smoked slightly, with barbecue, fruit or wood casks collocation, low temperature and long time baking meat, baked the carnivorous smoked beauty, but also slightly fruity aroma or bouquet.

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The use of the charcoal oven is more troublesome, requiring more energy to be poured into the barbecue. Including the pre point carbon, need real attention after the barbecue fire, not only need to clean the grill, have to clean a brazier.