The geographical location of the barbecue shop

- Nov 03, 2017-

The geographical location is bbq grill priority among priorities, the location of a barbecue shop is very important for the site, everyone may have different opinions, I to you talk about my location in some understanding of this, point out of the department do not spray. Barbecue shop address selection to avoid the characteristics of lots, downtown, downtown, government agencies and large restaurant door blocks and so on, I don't explain why this one for everyone can choose several lots, some of the reasons which can be used as reference for their site shop.

As the central area of a city centre, is basically a large clothing store, jewelry store, concentration of stores, where guests consumption is to wear and fast food consumption in the form of barbecue in these areas have the disadvantage of high rent, tourist location not recognized by the government management and so on, so try to avoid this site is of course, if you want to open a large barbecue city can be considered in case the money is not bad, but I think that people are still in the minority.

Downtown may I do not have much to say, there is a benefit without harm, traffic is large, is fine, take a walk, little to eat barbecue, barbecue and who are looking for the best place, although this place has the potential of business, but I have a better location no one should want to choose here, after all, the downtown rent is very high.

Government organs and units of local government staff out of the door so much, most of them are the identity of the person, to eat is to eat dinner, eat barbecue in front of the unit will not eat, too, don't trouble yourself.

The large dining district is a large hotel, large bath area, this area consumption consumption capacity is higher, even if your barbecue is delicious, they will not be in such a place to eat, feel no face, so high-end neighborhoods to eat barbecue, afraid of people joke. The above points are more personal understanding of vernacular, but is straightforward.

Barbecue shop location geographical features right there, the occupancy rate higher, near the school district near, large factories, barbecue street, the main street of non store, this kind of potential source wide, barbecue consumption plenty of customers, in the premise of good taste of the profit is not a problem, how much depends on personal ability. Try to choose the main street location is not the store room, the door open as much as possible, to have enough parking place. If there is a local barbecue street, to the location in this place, because has developed, tourists recognized high, if the new good taste can be appropriate to engage in small tourist activities, attracted by the taste and hospitality to the guests (see a). However, if you have little confidence in your own craft, it is recommended to find a place near the grill less, seize the main tourists, rely on the way of hospitality to defend their guests.

Barbecue site selection should not only take into account the distribution of tourists, but also take into account the vicinity of their own business form, try not to choose the upstairs tenants, shops near the door. If the location can be put on the table outside, to watch the big scene location, there is not enough parking requirements, no door steps, indoor layout is chaotic and is particularly important if the green belt is the door to find a store thousands of crossing. These are the personal experience, for reference only.

The location is one thing about each shop owners are very tangled, often take it too much to heart, see the good place will also feel defective, actually this is not necessary, what things are not perfect in every respect, look at this place I feel good, no major flaws in the rent price under the condition of the hand on hand. People tend to pick too, then a good place is being taken, no place to do their own. As long as the location is not bad, by good taste can make up for a lot of things, a good barbecue shop do not need your publicity will naturally have guests to find you, so it is an important location, but also not too cautious, can do business can be bold but cautious.