The use process of vacuum oven

- Jun 21, 2017-

1, the material evenly into the vacuum oven with the oven, the baking tray into the dryer, push into the dry box.

2, if the use of steam heating or water heating method, it is necessary to quickly connect the special drying rack (the upper and lower port) of the two heating, and water or steam to connect the mouth.

3, close the box door, put the valve, the box door has bolts, can make box door and silica gel sealing strip tightly combined.

4, the vacuum pump and the valve connection, open the vacuum valve, vacuum.

5. According to the performance of the vacuum pump, the pressure gauge is drawn to the limit value of the vacuum pump.

6, after the vacuum, vacuum valve closure, if the vacuum valve is not tight, please replace, and then the vacuum pump power off or removed. (to prevent the phenomenon of reverse suction)

7, the drying period of the material, observe every period of time, calendar, temperature table, and the changes in the box to deal with. If the pressure gauge index drops, there may be leakage phenomenon, can be carried out again pumping operation.

8, after drying, the valve will be opened, release the gas inside, and then open the drying door, take out the material.