What are the benefits of a smokeless barbecue

- Jan 20, 2018-

1. There is no smell on the barbecue, and the more clothes that wear in the winter are not afraid of barbecue.

2. Barbecue shop no longer smoke, more health, clean and comfortable.

3. Barbecue pot is no longer scalding, nor does it worry that the boiling oil in the pot has spattered to the outside.

4.When you eat a barbecue chafing dish, the cooking fumes will not fumigate your face and clothes. (oil smoke is one of the largest carcinogens, and also the skin aging degree is about 30% in advance).

5. Save energy and environmental protection, save about 50% of gas for barbecue chafing pot and save about 30% of air conditioning electricity.

6. Make the traditional barbecue hot pot safer and more beautiful and fashionable.