What is the usage of bbq motor in the oven?

- Jul 19, 2017-

There are usually two bbq rotisserie motors in the oven while sometimes only one available

   1, It's a kind of rotisserie motor make the barbecue rotating continuous. The power of bbq motor makes the whole chicken or pig turning without hand.

   2, hot air motor, can make the inside of the oven hot air, so that the internal temperature uniformity, increase the heat through the effect, you can barbecue, baked cookies, you can also dry things.

Note: Baking the cake and bread do not open the hot air, make the food too dry.

Oven, also known as oven, oven, oven, refers to the use of hot air cooking a device, usually closed or semi-closed structure. In the open form with hot air heating is called barbecue. Ovens can also be used to refer to devices that perform high temperature treatment with hot gases. In the West, the oven is a common device for traditional home kitchens, usually horizontal. In the Central Plains of China, the traditional restaurant industry is used rather than home, mostly vertical. Ancient Chinese oven is not common and may be caused by insufficient fuel. The traditional oven uses wood, coal burns heat. Modern ovens use electric or natural gas, and there are automatic thermostat system.