BBQEXPERT-Barbecue Knowledge

- Jul 20, 2017-

BBQEXPERT-Barbecue knowledge

BBQEXPERT- Barbecue tools

Barbecue tools according to the different methods are different, open fire roast, charcoal grill, oven roast, mud, bamboo baking, teppanyaki, stone burning, stone rice are barbecue category. The film and television drama can often see a wooden stick wearing a chicken or rabbit in the bonfire roasted to roast the scene, that is, open fire baked. Some of the wild living books often talk about this baking method, in fact, this baking method is not worth recommending, for the average person to talk about fire barbecue should not master the furnace, and fire barbecue more likely to produce harmful substances on the human body. At the same time in the wild bonfire on the environment more harmful, very safe, it is recommended not to try fire barbecue. Several barbecue way comparison only charcoal grill easy to operate, easy to control, the harm to the environment the smallest, can be the most abundant types of food baked, it is recommended that you use wild charcoal barbecue. Charcoal grill the tools used are: barbecue pits, carbon, brazing, knives, fish clips, toothpicks and so on. Common types of barbecue pits on the market are apple stoves, light stoves and so on. Recommend a rectangular box, 'red', 'Pathfinder' and other brands have this kind of stove. The furnace has the advantage of adjustable barbecue height, easy to control the vitality, cheap, 50 yuan or so. The disadvantage is that you can not like the apple stove can be stewed and smoked, but the apple stove is not adjustable height is I can not accept. The situation and use of other stoves can be consulted by the merchant. Zhengzhou City, a number of outdoor stores are mostly sales, you can turn more, ask more. In fact, a net a pot can serve as a barbecue pits, but it is too inconvenient to operate. Common carbon on the market: flammable carbon, charcoal, carbon three mechanisms. Flammable carbon is available in outdoor stores, both square and pie. Flammable carbon on the surface of a layer of flammable layer, compared to ordinary charcoal to easily ignite. The disadvantage is more expensive. Ordinary charcoal advantage is cheap, the disadvantage is the size of different barbecue fire uneven, burning time is short, the process of roasting to be added carbon. Mechanism of carbon is actually made of carbon and coal mixture, pressed into a hollow multi-prism, from the charcoal to see the composition of coal containing. This uniform size of carbon, burning a long time, uniform fire, smoke-free, inexpensive. Many professional barbecue shop selection is this kind of carbon. Disadvantages are not to ignite. If only two or three barbecue with this carbon, then people have not used up carbon, can not help but feel that some waste. Brazing knives, fish clips and knives are also common barbecue tools, choose to choose to facilitate cleaning and disinfection. Dishes, chopsticks, toothpicks are necessary, especially the toothpicks, useful, you can fix the ink and other fish and other easy-curled food, but also can replace chopsticks as a tool to take food. Prepare a few dishes can be placed food, raw and cooked to be separated. The braid, the knife and the net should be cleaned before the barbecue.

BBQEXPERT- Place and Time

Ready for food, spices, stoves can go to the wild barbecue. Not all of the wild are suitable for barbecue, the best choice for scenic and convenient transportation. Some forest areas and reservoir areas are prohibited barbecue, need to know in advance. Select the site should pay special attention to safety, pay attention to fire, barbecue site around not to have shrubs or too many trees

BBQEXPERT- Barbecue preparation

Barbecue pits are usually assembled, generally very simple, look at the instructions, or ask the business, it is easy to understand. Before use to clear the various parts of the furnace function and use. Barbecue grill should be placed in a more flat place, the throttle should be on the outlet. Charcoal and mechanism of carbon ignition is not easy, you can pile up the stack of carbon fuel, carbon itself burn and then spread out. If conditions permit, it is best to ignite the bonfire, the carbon into the fire, until the carbon completely burned out, into the barbecue can be. Do not forget to take an industrial shovel with a bonfire. When laying the shop when the shop should be covered in order to ensure uniform firepower. After burning the carbon do not rush to bake, first net roast about to be carbon all red, is completely burning and then start baking. Barbecue attention to people do not stand in the next outlet, one to smoke large, and secondly to fly out of Mars is easy to burn people.

BBQEXPERT- Barbecue time

Barbecue process is very important to use the oil, just baked meat on the meat first do not rush to brush the oil, until the food hot, tighten and then brush oil, other food can be baked when the oil. Do not brush the oil to brush after the drop of oil as the standard, the process of baking to try to avoid the oil drop barbecue oven. When baked to dilute, to avoid baking paste. Flip it best to use long chopsticks, do not hand to prevent burns. Put raw food should pay attention to the fast and cooked food and a little distance to prevent contamination of cooked food. Skewers placed as far as possible to the middle of the furnace pendulum, baked in the process to change the location of skewers to ensure that the whole string of meat at the same time be baked. Chicken wings are very suitable for barbecue food, easy to cooked, and the skin of high fat content, eat up very fragrant. When baking time to pay attention to the bulk is not easy to cooked, should be placed on the fire concentration. Chicken is not easy to bake, can be cut into small pieces, or roast cooked, taste the same delicious. Corn direct barbecue is not easy to bake evenly, and chicken can be the same, grilled cooked. Grilled fish is best to use fish folder. If you are using an apple stove, in addition to baked, you can also enjoy the stew, bake and smoked fun. Will be burning charcoal placed around the carbon plate, cover the lid can be stewed, large pieces of food, and vegetables are suitable for stew, but to master the time. Pay attention to food hygiene, no baked food do not eat. The price of the cooked food is high, and when you eat it, Baked food, especially meat on the human body is harmful, do not eat. When adding carbon, pay attention to wait until the new carbon is completely burned and then barbecued, because carbon is not completely burned when it is easy to produce harmful gases, is not conducive to health. Different barbecue sauce for different food, sweet bean paste for squid, cuttlefish, tomato sauce for potato chips, carrot sauce is suitable for a lot of list of taste of food.