BBQEXPERT -barbecue Main Tools And Foods

- Jul 19, 2017-

Main tools

Barbecue oven, barbecue fork, barbecue skewer, barbecue grill, wood chopsticks (raw and cooked separately), barbecue sweep, disposable paper bowl Food, etc.), metal pots (ladle, high temperature), disposable paper cups, barbecue grills, disposable gloves, charcoal grills, large pots (grilled food), firewood leaves, lighters, fans or bamboo (blast)

main food

Pickled: chicken wings, chicken, pork chops, chicken pork, steak, lamb skewers, flesh and blood (chicken and cartilage),

Pork chops (with tin foil), steak (with tin foil)

Non-pickled: corn, saury, large shellfish (such as green mouth, tape), soaked squid dry, crisp sausage, black pepper intestines, sausage, corn intestines, vegetarian chicken, beef balls, ), Thin potato chips, potato chips, shrimp, eggplant, soaked mushrooms, green peppers, cuttlefish Aberdeen