Fuyao BBQ Motor Factory Safety And Fire Drill

- Aug 09, 2017-

Fuyao BBQ Motor Factory Safety and Fire Drill

The purpose of the exercise

 In order to carry out the "prevention first, anti-combination" of the fire protection policy, to strengthen the company's fire safety education staff to improve the fire prevention and control capabilities and emergency response capacity, learn to use fire extinguishers and fire equipment facilities, On the afternoon of Aug 09, 2017, the "Safety Production Emergency Drilling Activity" was held in the factory.

Participants perform practical operations on the use of fire extinguishers, as follows:

        (1) before use to reverse the bottle several times, so that the tube dry powder loose;

        (2) remove the seal, unplug the insurance pin;

        (3) left hand holding the nozzle, the right hand carrying pressure, two meters away from the flame where the right hand forced down the pressure, left hand holding the nozzle around the swing, spray dry powder cover the burning area, until the fire all the extinguished.

Participants to carry out the "water ribbon" the actual operation, the specific steps are as follows:

        (1) water connection. Fire hose in the water hose with the interface, to be padded with a layer of soft protective material, and then with galvanized iron wire fastening;

        (2) the use of water. When using fire hose, high pressure water should be connected to the water pump close to the place, after the water to prevent the torsion or sudden bending, and should prevent the water interface collision damage.

       (3) water laying. When laying water belts, to avoid the sharp objects and a variety of oil, to the height of the vertical laying of water, the use of water hook, through the tunnel to lay the water, the water should be pad on the bridge, through the railway , The water should pass from below the track, to avoid the water is crushed by the wheels and intermittent water supply.

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