Main Use Of Motor

- Jun 22, 2017-

1. Servo MOTOR

Servo motors are widely used in a variety of control systems, the input voltage signal can be converted to the mechanical output of the motor shaft, drag the control element to achieve control purposes.

Servo motor has DC and AC, the first servo motor is a general DC motor, in the case of low precision control, the use of general DC motors to do servo motor. DC servo motor from the structure, is a small power DC motor, the excitation of more than the use of armature control and magnetic field control, but usually using armature control.

2. Stepper Motor

Stepper motor is mainly used in CNC machine tool manufacturing field, because the stepper motor does not need A/D conversion, can directly convert the digital pulse signal into angular displacement, so it has been considered to be the most ideal NC machine tool execution components.

In addition to the application of CNC machine tools, stepper motors can also be used in other machinery, such as as an automatic feeder motor, as a general-purpose floppy drive motor, can also be used in printers and plotter.