- Jun 22, 2017-

Motor is a kind of electromagnetic device which realizes electric energy conversion or transmission according to the law of electromagnetic induction. In the circuit the letter m (old standard with D) is indicated. Its main role is to generate driving torque as a power source for use with electrical appliances or various machines. The generator is represented by the letter G in the circuit. Its main function is to use electrical energy to convert to mechanical energy.

According to the type of work Power division: can be divided into DC motor and AC motor.

1 the DC motor according to the structure and working principle can be divided: Brushless DC motor and brush DC motor.

Brushless DC motor can be divided into: Permanent magnet DC motor and electromagnetic DC motor.

Electromagnetic DC motor is divided into: series excitation DC motor, shunt DC motor, he excitation DC motor and complex excitation DC motor.

Permanent Magnet DC motor is divided into: Rare earth Permanent magnet DC motor, Ferrite Permanent magnet DC motor and Al-ni-Co permanent magnet motor.

2 The AC motor can also be divided into: single-phase motor and three-phase motor.