Permanent Magnet Type Motor

- Jun 22, 2017-

Permanent Magnet DC motor also by the stator magnetic pole, rotor, brush, shell and other components, the stator magnetic pole using permanent magnet (permanent magnet), ferrite, aluminum nickel cobalt, NdFeB and other materials. According to its structure form can be divided into cylindrical and pad type and so on. Most of the electric devices used in the VCR are cylindrical magnets, while the motors used in electric tools and automotive electrical appliances use a special block type magnet.

The rotor is usually laminated with silicon steel sheet, which is less than the number of the rotor of the electromagnetic DC motor. Most of the small power motors used in the VCR are 3 slots, and the high-grade is 5 slots or 7 slots. The enameled wire is wound around the two slots of the core of the rotor (the three grooves are three windings), and the joints are welded on the metal sheet of the commutator respectively. The electric brush is the conductive part connecting the power supply and the rotor winding, and has two kinds of properties of conduction and abrasion. Permanent magnet motor brush using a single metal sheet or metal graphite brush, electro-chemical graphite brush.

The permanent magnet DC motor used in the recording machine adopts the electronic steady-speed circuit or the centrifugal type steady-speed device.