Some Tips For Using The Fan Correctly

- Jun 22, 2017-

Even if you buy the domestic well-known brands of centrifugal fan, but users if in use is not strictly in accordance with the use of instructions, will also reduce the use of wind turbines, or even shorten the use of centrifugal fan life, which is a great loss for users, the correct use of centrifugal fan not only to ensure its use effect, but also to a large extent extend the life of the fan, so many users want to know exactly how the use is the most correct, to minimize damage to the fan? Today we are going to introduce some tips for using centrifugal fans. Believe that as long as the user has mastered these can certainly to some extent improve the efficiency of the use of fans.

The first use of a centrifugal fan starts with its start. There are times when startup failures or very long startup times occur, and there are many reasons for this. If the motor is not moved, check the setting value of the safety mechanism, if the electric machine rated power is too low, replace the motor; If the starting procedure is not correct, adjust the starting equipment; If the power consumption is too high when starting, verify whether the gas flow control mechanism is in the closed position when starting. If the rotor is stuck, use the hand-disk fan to check and investigate the reasons for the card (friction, obstructions, etc.), if the voltage at the junction of the motor is too low, check the power line voltage such as excessive loss, increase the power cord.

Many times users will find that the impeller is always in vain to consume energy. The gas flows through the leakage between the front cover and the collector to form a recurrent activity. Must maintain a certain gap between the centrifugal ventilator's front cover and the collector and between the casing and the hinge. To ensure the reliability of the fan rotation. This can largely alleviate this phenomenon.

Centrifugal fan in the use of the most common problem is the vibration of the fan, to fundamentally solve the problem is not a simple matter, but if the reduction of the speed of the fan is a very good way, and the effect of this approach is most significant. However, the user is also required to use the specific situation of the fan to determine exactly what method to use to be more reasonable.